stories from the future… assuming there is one.

A World Where is an ongoing radio drama series. Each episode takes place in a different near-future and imagines the consequences of climate change, capitalist excess, and neoliberal apathy. These aren’t epic save-humanity sci-fi adventures, they’re stories of ordinary people resigned to live their lives in broken worlds – any of which could be the one we’re living in sometime soon.

NOTE: A World Where contains strong language, graphic violence, and explicit content that may be triggering to some listeners. Specific content warnings for each episode are available in the show notes.

“Each episode of A World Where is so immersive, it’ll be difficult to escape its grasp once you’ve committed to an episode. The podcast reels you in with not just your curiosity, but also its fantastic acting and stunning sound design.”

-Wil Williams


Featured in RadioPublic’s 2018 Podcast Retrospective and on the Spotify Podcast Lenny Says