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Writer, Sound Designer, Composer & Performer (she/her)

Ani is a writer and sound artist living in Brooklyn. Her work blends sci-fi, black comedy, and body horror into a depressing blob of existential dread. She was briefly Youtube famous when she was 18 and hasn’t done much since.

Hear Her In: #2 Phosphorous, #3 2%, #4 Served, #6 Ash

Ani is available for freelance composing/audio production work! Contact: anirider42@gmail.com

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Executive Producer, Director & Performer (they/them)

HK is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Their work spans radio, film & tv, theatre and more. Their focus and creativity stems from an obsession with the human body - what it is, what it can be and what it can teach us about ourselves.

Instagram: @gayhermione

Hear Them In: #2 Phosphorous, #3 2%, #4 Served, #5 Breath, #6 Ash



Graphic Designer (she/her)

Danielle is a Brooklyn based Designer. She’s currently working as a screen printer for a Brooklyn based wallpaper company. She works primarily with how the digital and tactile world interact. 

Website: TheDis4Design.com

Instagram: @danielleleggard